Assignment 1
location of Hq
country of manufacture
Bradford, pennsylvania
Made in the U.S.A
G:21 leather jacket
Commerce, CA
Made in china
thinsulate Insulation boots
Guangdong provice
Made in china
Made in russia
Pepsi products
made in canada, U.S.A
Plasma tv's
Seoul, South Korea
Made in canada
Hamilton, Bermuda
Made in U.K
Chairs/ Lazy boy
Monroe, michigan
made in U.S.A
Canadian classics
Quebec City
Made in canada
smart broads
Calgary, AB
made in canada
apple laptops
made in china
apple ipods
Made in china
Student desks
made in china
flashlights/ olights
Dallas, TXs
Ball-peen hammer
Made in china
Maxwell coffee
Tarrytown, N.Y, U.S.A
Dixon wearever pens
Made in u.s.a
Arc welding equipment
Sony PlayStation 3
Tokyo, japan
Made in china

Part B: Most of the items i listed are made in China. The reason why the HQ's are not in the same country is why would they have to paid the workers by it's country's strandand wages, so they would lose money, and the country health laws, workers rights, and
Environmental Laws.The reason why i believe these items are mostly made in China Because it is bacisally slave labour, for Chinesee workers work next to nothing just to earn what we call here in canada a "day's paid'. The items in China come to canada by plane or boat depending on the products made, but also it doesnt take much money to export stuff from China to Canada. So we canadians should know that alot of people suffer nor don't get nearly enough to get by everyday. That is the reason why alot of china's people live in places called "Slums". But it is easier on the compay's wealth for it can have more for other items ot on others from themselves.

Part B: AK-47: Working conditions and pay: Sorry i was not able to obtain anything info on this item because of the varity of AK Models being made by many different countries, so it is my belief Russia is protecting it product now cause of the different AK models found around the world. The same goes for the executives But all i can say is the First AK-47 was made by a Russian tank C.O Mikhail Kalashnikov
during WWII but it wasn't finish development untill 1949.
Canadian Classics smokes: Working conditions and pay:In the The workplace of the Tobacco company there are risks that you can develop lung cancer, and many of the different cancers. From the sources that i read from saying the pay is well-earn but i could not find the range of pay. But from what i seen alot of people dont agree but the pay makes up for these risks most of them state. Only one i found but he was the found of R.J Reynolds Tobacco Company, his name was Richard Joshua Reynolds.
Apple laptops: Working condition and pay: