Assignment 1

  1. Adidas Herzogenaurach,Germany Made in China
  2. Lug's New York,NY Made in Taiwan
  3. Acco Hole Punker Lincoinshire,IL Made in China
  4. Acco Stampler Lincoinshire,IL Made in China
  5. Soct Tape Maple Wood,Minnesota Made in China
  6. I-Pod Cupertino,California Made in China
  7. Samung Cell Phone Seoul,Korea Made in China
  8. Sony PS3 Tokyo,Japan Made in China
  9. Apple Computer Cupertino,California Made in China
  10. Delle Computer Round Rock,Texas Made in China
  11. DC Shose Hunting Beach,California Made in China
  12. Old Nayve Sanfrancisco, California Made in China
  13. Rebock Canton,Massachusetts Made in China
  14. Nike Washington County,Oregon Made in China
  15. Puma Herzogenaurach,Germany Made in China
  16. black-n-decker Morker wave New Britain,Connecticot Made in China
  17. Black-n-Decker Tostaer New Britain,Connecticot Made in China
  18. Black-n-Decker Blender New Britain,Connecticot Made in China
  19. Lenovo Morrisuille,NC Made in China
  20. Lane Pine Made in China

Were most of the products on your list made in the same place? Most of the products where not made in the same place they where mostly made in China and

Were the headquarters of the companies the same as the place of manufacture? The companies or headquarters were not the same as the manufacture. All companies or headquarters were all in different parts of the country they are never in the same places as the manufacture

Why do you think this is the case? Why I think this is the case its becase its cheper to manufacture these products in China. Where they can pay the workers lower wages and maufacture the products at lower costs then it is to manufacture the product in the same place in the USA to where it costs more to manufacture it and they would have to pay the workers higher wages

How did products from around the world get to you? How these products got to me when they are from around the world. They came to me in largwe contaners that are ship out in large numbers to many companies around the world they come by boat train trucks that pick them up at lagre shiping depos