1. Company, Nike Inc.

2. Company, Carhartt Inc.

3. Company, New Era Cap Inc.

4. Company, Black Berry, Company

5. Company, Sharpie, United States

6. Company, Paper Mate, United States

7. Company, Air Jordan Nike Inc, United States

8. Company, Chevrolet, United States

9. Company, Asda George Clothing

10. Company, Fairmont Designs

11. Company, Pentium

12. Company, Oakley, Inc

13. Company, Under Amour

14. Company, Old Spice

15. Company, Reebox Limited

16. Company, Addias Ag

17. Company, INQ,

18. Company, LG Otimus,

19. Company, Levi's Strauss & Co, .

20. Company, Tapout,
Headquarters,Beaverton Oregon

Headquarters Dearborn Michigan, U.S

Headquarters, Buffalo,New York, U.S

Headquarters, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Headquarters, Oak Brook Illinois

Headquarters, Oak Brook Illinois

Headquarters, Beaverton Oregon U.S

Headquarters, Detroit Michigan

Headquarters, Yorkshire United Kingdom

Headquarters, Vancover B.C. Canada

Headquarters, Santa Clara Califoria

Headquarters, Foothills Ranch, California, U.S

Headquarters, Baltimore Maryland, U.S

Headquarters, Portland, Oregon

Headquarters, Canton, Massachusetts

Headquarters, Herzogenaurach Germany

Headquarters, London, England

Headquarters, Seoul, South Korea

Headquarters, San francisco, California

Headquarters, Grand Terrace, California
Manufactured, China

Manufactured, Mexico

Manufactured, Germany

Manufactured, Canada

Manufactured, United States

Manufactured, France

Maunfactured Thailand

Manufactured, United States

Manufactured, China

Manufactured, United States

Manufactured, Costa Rica

Manufactured, China

Manufactured, Hong Kong

Manufactured, China

Manufactured, Germany

Manufactured, Hong Kong

Manufactured, North Korea

Manufactured, India

Manufactured, United States

Manufactured, United States

Part 2
None of the products were made in the same place they were made different cities in different countries. These products headquarters and companies were manufactured in different areas in other cities and countries. The case of these products being manufactured in different cities and countries is because it is cheaper for product to be made. Products or shipped to each city in different countries by aircraft, train, and truck.

Part 3
Nike manufactures in mexico wages or $3 per day in U.S funds. New Era Caps $6 an hou U.S funds. Chevy $70 an hour in U.S. Nike workers in mexico $3 it doesn't compare close to Canada's minimum wage, which is 9.40 it is 6.40 morethan mexican worker's. New Era wages are $6 in U.S bills with Canada's wages its $3 dollars more, Canada's wage are 9.40. In the company of Chevrolet the pay of workes make $70 and hour in U.S bills, they make more than Canadas, minimum wage which is $9.40. The company in U.S have better working condition than poor countries as Mexico. People in Mexico work in sweatshops with low pay, poor working conditions, long hours and abussive bosses. Mark Parker is the top executive of nike it nothing compared to the nike workers he makes 7.1 million. New Era caps executive is Jim Patterson makes 100 million ayear way more U.S workers which is $ 6.00 an hour. Executive from Chevrolet company makes 200 million more than a U.S worker their pay is $ 70 an hour.